dublin animal hospital


Dublin Animal Hospital began with the Roeder family. Dr. Lena Roeder graduated from Colorado State University in 1991. She moved to Colorado Springs immediately after graduation and spent three years gaining experience at a small animal hospital that served dog, cat, and exotic pet owners. She then purchased a small satellite clinic from her former boss. She and her husband, Marcus, dedicated several decades to growing that small practice into the Dublin Animal Hospital of today.

Since 1993, we have grown to a six doctor practice with 25 – 30 employees. Dublin has established itself as THEE exotics veterinary hospital in Southern Colorado, but we also love caring for dogs and cats. We believe in recommending only the diagnostics and medications that are necessary for your pet’s health, so you can trust that our Doctors aren’t trying to bolster your bill.

Animals treated at Dublin Animal Hospital:

  • Dogs and Cats
  • Small mammals and Pocket Pets, like mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, sugar gliders, chinchillas, and hedgehogs.
  • Domesticated birds, like chickens, ducks, geese, hawks, Cockatiels, African Greys, Macaws, Budgies, Parakeets, Canaries, Finches, Parrots, and Cockatoos.
  • Reptiles, including all domesticated turtles, tortoises, snakes, and lizards.

We Do Hospital Tours!

Here in Dublin, we offer hospital tours to our clients, class groups, or anyone interested in veterinary medicine! Contact Pamela Barger, our Practice Manager, to request a tour. pamela.barger@dublinah.com