Animal Dentistry

Animal Dental Care

Dental disease is the most common, most diagnosed, most often recognized health problem we see in dogs and cats. As in people, a thin layer of plaque and tartar build-up on your pet’s teeth every day. This is formed by food particles and bacteria, which combine with salivary secretions where the teeth rise above the gum line. If this plaque is allowed to accumulate unchecked, it eventually causes a variety of dental conditions that range from mild discomfort and bad breath, all the way to root abscesses and difficulty eating.

Our goal is to make you aware of the benefits of regular dental care. Just as you brush your teeth and have them professionally cleaned for good overall health and appearance, your pet requires the same dental care. When needed, we can safely anesthetize your pet, clean and polish their teeth, take dental x-rays, and perform advanced procedures that keep your pet’s teeth healthy.

Look in your pet’s mouth while they are relaxed at home. Signs of trouble include:

  • yellow or brown accumulation of tartar on the teeth
  • red or swollen gums
  • bad breathe
  • chips or fractures on the tooth’s surface
  • red or black spots on teeth


If you notice your pet with any of these symptoms or have some concerns after examining your pet’s teeth, feel free to call us at (719) 593-1336 to set up an appointment with a doctor.

Consider the facts:

-85% of all dogs and cats three years of age and older have some degree of dental disease, but only 3% of dogs and 1% of cats get treatment.

-If untreated, periodontal disease may lead to systemic disease, which can shower the lungs and body with bacteria. Heart, liver, and kidney disease may result and lead to a shortened life for your pet.

-Pet dentistry should not be an elective procedure, rather a required component of routine preventative care similar to annual vaccinations, intestinal parasite, and heartworm testing, and nutritional counseling.

What to Expect

Dog and cat dental procedures are performed daily here at Dublin Animal Hospital in Colorado Springs. We offer patients digital dental x-rays, ultrasonic scaling, polishing, and periodontal surgery all within our veterinary hospital.

Your pet should receive a dental examination each year as part of their annual wellness exam. A complete oral examination is necessary for identifying abnormalities and forming a dental treatment plan. Many of the problems are quite apparent at this time, while others must be evaluated while the pet is under anesthesia.

Anesthesia allows us to painlessly evaluate each tooth. Our dental suite has a centrally located gas anesthetic machine and patient monitoring system. We use a safe anesthetic protocol that is gentle enough to allow your pet to recover and return home the same day as the procedure.

One of our specially trained veterinary technicians performs the cleaning using an ultrasonic scaler and hand instruments to remove all the tartar and calculus from above and below the gum line. Once the teeth are clean, a fluoride paste is used to polish the teeth smooth, making them more resistant to future tartar development.

Your veterinarian, using a periodontal probe and explorer, will perform a post cleaning examination. If a probe depth is greater than 2mm in dogs or 1mm in cats, this indicates that periodontal disease is present and additional treatment is necessary to save the tooth.

Dental Problem Prevention

Prevention of future dental problems only takes a few minutes per day. Brushing your pet’s teeth, feeding them a prescription dental diet, and providing dental chews are ways to care for their teeth at home. Providing more dental care at home often reduces the need for frequent professional dental care, but this will not replace professional cleanings indefinitely. For at-home dental care, Dublin Animal Hospital carries:

  • -CET Dental products, like toothbrushes, toothpaste, poultry-flavored chews, and rinse.
  • -Pet Smile Toothpaste, which comes in London Broil Beef flavor. This toothpaste safely inhibits plaque while fighting bacteria and getting rid of “doggie breath.”
  • -OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews are designed to clean your dog’s teeth and freshen breath, but they think it’s a treat! OraVet chews help remove dental plaque and calculus, while also creating a barrier to future buildup.
  • -We can special order prescription dental diets for dogs and cats from Purina, Hills, and Royal Canin. These diets help control plaque and tartar with kibbles designed to promote chewing. Having a dental diet is especially important for cats and small dogs who are more susceptible to dental problems. We place food orders every Monday.

See our products page for the pet-related products we carry.