Dr. Sanchez originally grew up in Southern California. When she got into veterinary school, she packed up her bags to move to Minnesota for four years, albeit, nervous about the change of scenery. However the mid-west also really became home and she learned to genuinely appreciate winter. Shortly after graduation from the University of Minnesota, she worked in Florida for a specialty hospital in Tampa before joining our clinic this Fall.

She has a special interest in cardiology and abdominal ultrasound and is excited to be seeing exotics with the rest of our doctors.

In her free time, Dr. Sanchez likes to spend time with her fiancé and 3 cats, Boux, Roux and Louie. She and her fiancé enjoy hiking and they are currently trying to leash train her cats to enjoy the outdoors as well, though as you can imagine, it is taking some time to get them adjusted! She and her fiancé are excited to be getting a dog soon as well, though it is still in the works.