Colorado Springs offers pet surgery centers who want to help you with one of the most common
struggles that a pet owner faces; trying to decide whether it is necessary to bring your dog in to a
veterinarian. Often times, when a pet owner feels there is something wrong with their pet, they have no
way of knowing whether there is something seriously wrong. Look at the five most common reasons
that pet owners bring their pet to a Colorado Springs veterinarian. Learn whether your pet’s condition is
serious enough to demand immediate medical attention.
The most common reason people bring their pet in for Colorado Springs veterinary treatment is because
their pet underwent some type of trauma, such as being hit by a car or being attacked by another
animal. If your pet undergoes physical trauma of any kind it is important to get your pet immediate
medical attention; even if there does not appear to be any major damage done, a checkup is important
as the trauma sustained could have caused a punctured lung or internal bleeding. Another very common
symptom most pet owners have to deal with is intestinal issues leading to diarrhea and/or vomiting. Pet
owners often assume that it is simply an upset stomach. While this is often the case, most veterinarians
suggest watching the pet; if the condition lasts more than twenty four hours, it is best to seek medical
attention. The third most common reason to seek medical attention is if your pet has a seizure. Seizures
are when your pet goes into sudden, uncontrollable shaking and tremors. Many pet owners are
unaware that seizures are actually very common in many types of pets, causing them to not notice the
symptoms. If you see your pet shaking in this way, it is necessary to take them straight to the nearest
Colorado Springs veterinarian. It is also crucial to seek medical attention if you suspect that your pet has
swallowed a toxic substance. Pets are out of their owner’s sight so much, that there is usually no way to
know what they have gotten into. So if you suspect that they could have gotten into something poisons,
it is better to seek medical attention than risk their health. The final reason to seek medical attention for
your pet is if it appears they are in any kind of pain. Since pets cannot express to you what they are
feeling, it is necessary to seek medical attention if they show signs of discomfort. Though it could be
nothing, it could also be a serious issue. Having your pet checked over by a veterinarian is the only way
to be sure whether your pet is healthy.
While the above list is a helpful tool in determining whether your pet needs medical attention, it is
merely a summation of five of the most common reason people seek medical attention for their pets,
and by no means does it express every medical condition a pet could have. If you believe there is
something wrong with you pet, it is best to contact an area veterinarian; you can then get an immediate
opinion on whether you should bring your pet in for medical attention.