Dental chews are a great option for pets to keep their dental health in check. They can help avoid the common issues of tarter in teeth, bleeding gums, a buildup of plaque, and bad breath. But which ones are right for your pet? Take a look at our list below!


Dental treats can reduce plaque in dogs by nearly 70%. There are many different options available for dogs, but which ones are safe?

Dental Chews- Dental hygiene chews like Greenies or certain dental biscuits are a great choice for weekly dental hygiene for your pet. Better yet, they are approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council as a safe edible product for your dog.

Chew Toys– Chews toys are not edible but can be a good choice for dogs who eat edible treats too quickly. Certain Kong toys and Nylabones are specifically designed to help with oral care. Be sure to consult with us which chew toy would be best for your dog.

Antlers– Antlers are odorless and stain free option for your dog to chew on. Make sure to purchase whole antlers, as they are less likely to split. Chewing the antlers can help stimulate the removal of plaque on teeth.


Looking for ways to keep your cat’s teeth clean and prevent plaque buildup. Look no further!

Treats – Sometimes helping with tarter control can be as simple as giving your feline tarter control treats in moderation. Keep in mind that these are not a replacement for cleaning their teeth, rather a supplement. Use them to reward good behavior after their teeth cleaning.

Cooked Bones– Cat’s like bones too! The chewing helps to stimulate the removal of plaque and tarter. Do not give your cat chicken, pork or fish bones because they easily splinter. Rather, give them raw bones. Be sure to supervise your feline while they are enjoying their treats.

Be sure to always supervise your pets when giving your pet one of the above dental treats to make sure they do not injure themselves.

Information provided by petmd.com and pets.webmd.com