August 15th is National Check the Chip Day. Too often, owners are unable to reunite with their lost pets because of out-of-date contact information associated with a microchip. Because of this, the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association teamed up and created National Check the Chip Day to remind and encourage owners to update their contact information in the microchip registry.


Not sure you should have your pet microchipped? Here are some interesting statistics that might help you decide…


According to the American Humane Association:

  • One in three pets will become lost in their lifetime.
  • Approximately 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the US each year.
  • Over 94% of lost pets that have a microchip are successfully reunited with their families.


A microchip is convenient, safe and reliable. About the size of a grain of rice, a microchip is programmed with a unique identification number and is implanted under the skin between your pet’s shoulder blades. Implanting typically does not hurt more than any other shot. The microchip is completely biocompatible and will not burn or irritate tissue.


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