Pet Resources

Dublin Animal Hospital is proud to work with local businesses that share our love for animals. Certain businesses and rescue shelters have demonstrated exceptional quality and value, which is why we recommend them to our clients. We have listed a few of them here on our Pet Resources Page, so that our clients know where to go for emergency care, specialist care, after-life arrangements, or to find a new pet family member.

Injured Wildlife

Even though we do care for exotic pets, by law we cannot care for wildlife due to licensing. Contact the Wild Forever Foundation for injured wildlife, including wild rabbits, birds, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, turtles, deer, fox, opossum, etc.

(719) 475-9453

If your pet is displaying any of the below symptoms, seek medical attention immediately. 



-Respiratory distress

-Seizures, change in mentation/behavior

-Bleeding (internal/external)

-Hyperthermia or hypothermia

-Abdominal distension


-Snake bites

-Eye injuries


-Straining to urinate/defecate




-Allergic reactions

When your pet has medical issues that go beyond what we can provide at Dublin, we want to know they are getting the best care possible from our local partners. In cases such as heart disease, kidney and liver disease, immune diseases, cancer, allergies, skin disease, hair loss, neurology issues, physical therapy, and orthopedic surgery, we refer patients out to local specialists.

Southern Colorado Veterinary Internal Medicine (SCVIM)

As veterinary internal medicine specialists, we provide advanced evaluations for pets with weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, heart disease, coughing, kidney and liver disease, urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections, immune-mediated diseases and anemia. Our hospital provides cancer treatment for dogs and cats using chemotherapy, as well as hospitalization for critically ill pets by providing 24 hour care.

Contact SCVIM

Southern Colorado Veterinary Internal Medicine

5520 N Nevada Ave

Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Tel: (719) 272-4004

Animal Allergy and Dermatology of Colorado

They specialize in the diagnosis and management of allergies, ear diseases, hormonal skin disease, and bacterial, fungal and parasitic diseases in dogs, cats, and horses. In addition, Animal Allergy & Dermatology of Colorado can also assist in conditions including hair loss, some skin cancers, and abnormalities of the footpads and nails. Many skin diseases look alike, with only slight differences in appearance and onset. With advanced dermatologic training, Dr. Campbell is proficient in identification of these differences and enjoys helping owners pursue a direct and cost-effective dermatologic evaluation and diagnosis.

Contact Animal Allergy & Dermatology of CO

Animal Allergy and Dermatology of Colorado 

3515 American Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80917

Tel: (719) 358-2636

Powers Pet Emergency Care and Specialty (PPE)

PPE is a 24/7 Veterinary Hospital staffed by experienced, caring professionals using state-of-the-art equipment, who are ready to address your pet’s urgent medical needs day and night. They have full-time neurology/neurosurgery specialists, an advanced in-house lab for same-day results, a comprehensive radiology center with CT scans and MRI, onsite ultrasound, and pet blood banking. They also offer canine physical therapy for dogs to decrease pain and restore mobility after an injury, illness, or surgery.

Contact Powers Pet Emergency Care and Specialty

Powers Pet Specialty

5886 Tutt Blvd

Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Tel: (719) 473-0482

 Colorado Canine Orthopedics and Rehab

Their canine orthopedic specialists are all board certified and highly experienced in the latest treatment for dogs with ACL tears, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, shoulder disorders, arthritis and intervertebral disc disease. They also offer post-operation rehabilitation and arthritis care to relieve your dog’s pain.

Contact Colorado Canine Orthopedics and Rehab

Colorado Canine Orthopedics 

5520 N Nevada Ave

Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Tel: (719) 264-6666

Pet Remembrance, End of Life Care

If your pet is facing a terminal illness or reaching the end of its life due to old age, a kind and low stress option to consider is in-home euthanasia. A licensed veterinarian will come to your home and administer pain control drugs, then give you all the time you need to say goodbye while your pet is resting peacefully.  The veterinarian then administers the euthanasia drug, and your pet will pass away in his or her sleep. Your pet will be much more relaxed and comfortable in their own home, with family and other pets nearby, while also giving family members the chance to grieve privately.

Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound was founded on the philosophy that our pets are our family and should be treated as such. Homeward Bound Pet Memorial Center, the only full-service pet funeral home in Colorado, maintains an open door facility, and we guarantee that your pet will be treated at all times with the utmost respect and dignity. Our Certified Pet Loss Professionals will work with you and your family to tailor a distinctive pet cremation, a private family goodbye, or a customized memorial service to meet all your needs.

Homeward Bound is proud to sponsor monthly pet loss support meetings for pet parents in the Pikes Peak region and along the Front Range. These meetings are free, open to the public and are held on the second Tuesday of each month from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.

Homeward Bound Pet Crematorium 

Phone: (719) 636-1036


Peaceful Partings

The goal of Peaceful Partings is to make pet euthanasia easier for both the pet and the family by offering it where they are most comfortable, in their own home. Since not all euthanasia’s can be planned in advance, they offer evening and weekend appointments at no additional fee. Their process is designed to allow the pet’s family to focus on their own grieving process.  A clay paw print and or lock of hair can be provided for any of the family members who may desire.  Body care of individual or communal cremation can be provided by Peaceful Partings service if desired.

Peaceful Partings 

Tel: (719) 205-6003

Transitions In-Home Pet Euthanasia

In 2009 Dr Melissa Vollaire developed Transitions Veterinary Services in San Diego, CA. After experiencing hospital euthanasia on both a person and professional level, Melissa saw a need for pet euthanasia in an environment that is safe, loving, and comfortable. Since that time, she has been honored to help guide over 1200 families through a compassionate and caring transition for their pet, in the comfort of their own homes. In September of 2014, Dr. Vollaire and her family relocated to Colorado Springs and she is anxious to begin helping more families and their pets through the difficult decision of euthanasia in the comfort of their own homes.

Transitions In-Home Pet Euthanasia

Tel- (719) 309-7270

Rescues and Shelters

If you want to expand your family with a new pet, please consider adopting from a local shelter instead of buying a purebred puppy or kitten. There are literally thousands of animals in the Pikes Peak region in need of a good home. Dublin offers free initial health exams for pets adopted from Happy Cats Haven, Safe Place for Pets, and the Pikes Peak Humane Society.

Pikes Peak Humane Society

Founded in 1949, the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region is a private, nonprofit animal welfare organization dedicated to the care and protection of domesticated animals in our community. HSPPR rescues and cares for animals in distress, reunites lost pets with their owners, finds loving homes for homeless animals and teaches people how to properly care for and respect animals, as well as enforces licensing and other animal ordinances.

Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region 

Tel: (719) 473-1741

Safe Place for Pets

A Non-Profit Organization committed to finding loving homes for the pets of terminally ill patients. All Safe Place animals receive a medical and behavioral evaluation before adoption. All vaccinations are up to date and pets are neutered or spayed before placement. Safe Place ensures that animals find loving homes. They require all adoptive families to complete a questionnaire, spend time with the animal, and allow a Safe Place evaluator to perform a home safety assessment. If for any reason an adoptive family is unable to continue providing care for an animal, Safe Place will find another home for their pet.

Safe Place for Pets

Tel: (719)-359-0201

Happy Cats Haven

A non-profit, no-kill rescue & adoption center for homeless cats & kittens in the Pikes Peak region. They give their cats & kittens the gift of time: time to recover from the trauma of losing their home and time to show true personalities.  Each adoption is hand-crafted, matching their deep understanding of each cat with the adopters’ needs and family members. Their ongoing support with classes and online advice continues past adoption.  They have placed over 1,000 cats and kittens since 2011 and their adopters can testify to those happy placements.

Happy Cats Haven 

Tel: (719) 635-5000


All Breeds Rescue and Training

All Breed Rescue & Training (All Breed) is a nonprofit dog rescue and training organization based in Colorado Springs. Since 1994, they have been rescuing and finding forever families for dogs deemed unadoptable and facing euthanasia. They rehabilitate all the dogs they rescue, helping them heal from behavioral, medical, and/or training-related issues. Their 98% adoption success rate proves that their positive reinforcement- and relationship-based training works. After you adopt a dog from All Breed, you’re required to take their Pet Awareness Workshop, and you receive a free training class that meets your dog’s needs. Additionally, their trainers provide ongoing support for all adoptees, including complimentary email and phone consultations. Many adoptees also purchase one or more of their comprehensive training courses, which are available to the public, and through which they train hundreds of local dogs each year.

All Breed Rescue & Training

Tel: (719) 264-6460