Everyone cringes at the site of an animal running in traffic, scared and afraid. Most people though just drive on by and hope that the animal does not get struck by a vehicle. One of our very good clients was driving along the highway in Texas and happened to see a very nervous and scared Pit Bull running in traffic. As he was trying to pull over to help get him out of harm’s way the puppy was able to dodge a semi-truck but unfortunately was hit by a Toyota. Shocked and saddened by what he just witnessed Brian rushed to the pets rescue, he knew he needed to be with Roady (later named by Brian) as he was passing. While holding him in his arms he could not help but think that he did not want this little guy to pass alone. After just a few minutes Roady began to come out of his shock and from this point on Brian knew that he could not give up on this special guy and from that moment forward he would become financially responsible for him. He loaded him up in his truck and drove to the nearest Veterinary Clinic at 1am and waiting until they opened at 8am for Roady to be seen. The vet then suspected his leg was broken and stabilized Roady with a splint and pain meds. Brian loaded him up and continued his trip home to Colorado Springs. Roady was brought into our clinic as soon as he was in town and from there the bad news started to stack up. From the moment Brian and Roady arrived you could feel the unconditional love and bond these two had formed within the last 30 hours, Roady gave us all a tail wiggle and a sweet look with his one blue and brown eye. First of all being from Texas we wanted to heartworm test him and he did test positive. Upon x-rays we were able to see that he did in fact fracture his leg and would require orthopedic surgery with a specialist. As you can imagine this was a lot more then what Brian expected, but he then again stated that he knew he HAD to do this for Roady and would assume all financial responsibility. Roady has an appointment with Colorado Canine Orthopedics coming soon and then we will find out the extent of cost for the procedure. It is estimated to be around $3,000. This fund is to help with any cost associated with that surgery, any amount will help. In the little time that we have worked with Brian and Roady together we know that these two are going to be lifelong friends and family.