Thanksgiving and the holiday season are a perfect time to celebrate friends and family, even our four-legged ones! During this time of year, it’s important to keep an extra close eye on them. Here are some tips for a pet safe Thanksgiving:

1.    Food Safety
Lets’ face it, we all get way too excited thinking about everything there is to eat on Thanksgiving. While your pets may share the same excitement, it’s important not to share the food with them. Poultry bones can be a large choking hazard. Also avoid onions, desserts, stuffing, turkey skin, butter, bread dough, nuts, and alcohol.
2.    Hide Garbage
Make sure to properly dispose of all garbage, and clean up any remnants that are lying around. Pets can easily sniff out a turkey carcass or leftovers. Anything used to wrap or store meat (strings or bags) are a choking hazard for a pet. Store garbage in a container outdoors or in a space that is out of reach for pets.
3.    Be Careful of Plants
Certain holiday plants can be toxic to pets. These include Baby’s Breathe, Amaryllis, certain ferns, hydrangeas, and poinsettia’s. Keep these plants out of your pet’s reach.
4.    Travel
If you are traveling for Thanksgiving with your pet, be sure to bring a health certificate if you are crossing state lines. Also, be sure to pack for your pet in addition to yourself. Bring medical records, medication, food, toys, and first aid supplies. It’s important to prepare for anything that could come your way!
5.    Watch the Exits
Pets can easily sneak in and out when guests are entering the home. Keep a close eye on them when guests come and go to ensure your pets don’t make a mad dash for the door.