Here is a different take on the word ‘treat.’ Wondering what to do with those lonely socks? Check out this easy to make holiday cat toy, that will surely bring them some extra holiday spirit. Thanks to Purina’s pet-centric blog for this fun activity!

What You’ll Need

Holiday Sock

One Festive Sock

Paper Towel Tube

Paper Towel Tube

Dried Catnip

Dried Catnip


  1. Place the paper towel roll inside the sock.
  2. Fill the paper towel roll with the dried catnip.
  3. Tie the open end of the stock.
  4. Enjoy!


Need a visual? Get some help with this illustrated step-by-step guide.

This activity doesn’t have to be just for the holidays! Use different patterned socks to make toys for every season.

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