Yellow, Orange, White, oh my! Candy Corn for dogs? Who knew! This delicious and festive treat is sure to get your dog in the spirit of the season. The ingredients in this recipe from 12 Tomatoes are wholesome and healthy for your pup so that you can treat them guilt-free all season long!

What You’ll Need


1-2 small bananas

Plain Yogurt

Plain, Non-fat Yogurt
1 cup, divided

Organic Pumpkin Puree

Canned Pumpkin
1/2 cup


  1. Fill ice cube trays 1/3 full with plain yogurt, then place molds in the freezer. Freeze for 1-2 hours, or until yogurt is set.
  2. In a small bowl or glass, mix together 1/2 cup yogurt with canned pumpkin. Stir until combined, then pour over frozen yogurt in ice cube molds, making sure to leave space at the top for the third layer.
  3. Return to freezer for another 1-2 hours, or until set.
  4. Mash banana(s) in a small bowl and stir in any remaining yogurt, then pour over frozen pumpkin layer in mold.
  5. Freeze until set.
  6. Pop treats out. Store in the freezer.


Use your favorite silicone ice cube tray to make these treats extra cute. Don’t have a silicone ice cube tray? Check out this paw print shaped one or get spooky with Halloween shaped trays!

To make neat looking candy corn treats, and to keep your kitchen clean, use releasable plastic baggies to dole out your ingredients. Once the baggie is full, snip off the corner to create a DIY piping bag.