As you work through your obedience class, you may be wondering how to take what you’ve learned and applied it at home. There are many ways to do this while creating a balanced lifestyle and healthy well-being for your dog. Attending a training class once a week encourages positive training behavior; and the management and structure of this training create the overall happy, healthy bond between you and your canine companion.

Creating Balance and Well-Being
Creating a balanced lifestyle for your canine companion is the answer to a long, happy life together. Giving your dog a consistent daily routine such as meal time, structured walks, and daily enrichment helps to keep balance to their busy lifestyle. Making your dog work for certain rewards throughout their day can also instill good behaviors and create a well-mannered dog.
How Do You Spend Time With Your Dog
Exercise is key to enjoying time with your dog. Canines can be trained to be loyal companions both on and off leash. They make great hiking companions or couch buddies. Be sure to give your dog the adequate exercise they need to be happy!